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SAMSUNG Digital Home Appliances Design Story Book

Design story book and package for SAMSUNG Digital Home Appliances, texted in Korean and English, A little thoughtfulness makes all the difference.
January 2015.

We created Samsung’s digital home appliances storybook to inform people about the company’s philosophy of design. Its central theme, "a little thoughtfulness makes all the difference," is illustrated in a number of ways, such as the development of the instant camera, which let people see photos they’d taken immediately, and the Braille alphabet, which enabled seeing-impaired people to read by using their sense of touch. Innovations like these were developed by people who wanted to make the world a happier place for everyone. That’s why thoughtfulness is the greatest “design” of all. Designing our products and services with care and thoughtfulness helps us get closer to our customers. It aids us to better understand how they think and feel, and helps us find more creative and innovative ways to make their lives happier. Our goal was to see these thoughts reflected in the imagery and the concept of this book—especially in its movement from the micro to the macro, from the small to the large.