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V/A is a graphic design company founded in 2011. Just as V becomes A depending on the direction you look at and becomes < > parentheses, V/A tries to analyze and approach problems from various perspectives that are not fixed. It covers the design of corporate editorials such as brochures and annuals reports, promotional designs such as packages, posters and calendars, branding and identity design, and has won several awards including the world's top three design awards, IDEA, IF award and Red dot award.

브이에이(V/A)는 2011년에 설립된 그래픽디자인 전문회사입니다. V는 바라보는 방향에 따라 A가 되기도 하고 < >괄호가 되기도 하듯이 브이에이(V/A)는 고정되지 않은 다양한 시각에서 문제를 분석하고 접근하고자 합니다. 브로슈어, 애뉴얼리포트 등의 기업 에디토리얼 디자인과 패키지, 포스터, 캘린더 등의 프로모션 디자인, 브랜딩과 아이덴티티 디자인 등의 분야를 다루고 있으며 세계 3대 디자인 어워드인 미국의 ‘아이디이에이(IDEA)’, 독일의 ‘아이에프(iF)’와 ‘레드닷(Red dot)’을 포함하여 다수의 어워드에서 수상하였습니다.


We are receiving project requests via e-mails.
Please e-mail us the following address, including your project details, such as scope, schedule, and budget.

프로젝트 의뢰는 이메일로 받고 있습니다.
구체적인 의뢰 내용과 일정, 예산 등을 보내주시면 검토 후 회신 드리겠습니다.

Tel. +82-2-325-8195

︎43-19, Mangwon-ro 11-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul, 03964, Korea


Awards >>

Hoban - Brochure
IF Design Award 2023 – Winner

Samsung - Design Visual Identity System
IF Design Award 2021 – Winner

CJ Culture Foundation - Annual Report
Korea Design Awards 2020 – Winner

Samsung - VD Design Story Book  
IF Design Award 2019 – Winner
The Korean Good Design Awards 2019 – Winner

Naver - Annual Report
Korea Design Awards 2018 – Winner

Nomal - Branding

Korea Design Awards 2018 – Winner

Ancors - Brochure

Korea Design Awards 2017 – Winner

CJ Culture Foundation - Annual Report
Korea Design Awards 2016 – Nominee

Samsung - Home Appliances Design Philosophy Framework
IDEA international design excelence awards 2015 – Silver Prize

Samsung Engineering - Sustainability Report
LACP Vision Awards – Platinum Winner & Top 50 Reports & Best Report Narrative

LG Chemical - Annual Report
The 17th International ARC Awards – Silver Prize

KIA Motors - Brochure
The 16th International Galaxy Awards – Silver Prize

CGV - Brochure
Newyork Astrid Awards – Best of Show

Posco - Annual Report
The 19th international ARC Awards – Honor

SK - Annual Report
The 16th international Galaxy Awards – Silver Prize

Koda - Annual Report
The Red Dot Awards – Winner
IF Design Award 2013– Winner

Daelim - Annual Report
LACP Vision Awards – Bronze

©2024 V/A
All Images and texts posted on this website are the property of V/A

©2024 V/A.  All Images and texts posted on this website are the property of V/A