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Black & White Poster

Posters and graphic objects made of wood for Black and White project, March 2017. 

Black looks like black only when it’s contrasted with white, and vice-versa. The two can only be recognized by their opposition to one another. To prove that this is true, try to draw a white line over a black background. It will look like a white line or a small crack that has been formed on the black area.
Black feels thrilling, as if we are afloat in space. It seems far off, like an infinite space, that sucks us in like a black hole and then spurts various colors of inspiration back at us. We do not try to seek white in black. Black affirms its existence while embracing white, presenting a sense of cosmic space that is dark and enchanting. Black embraces everything.
White, on the other hand, communicates with us in silence, filling us with unrecognized energy where there once seemed to be nothing. At the same time, white allows us to imagine many things, even in the midst of this seeming emptiness. White reflects and absorbs everything, just like a mirror does. We lose many things in white, but we also get to learn many new things from it. We do not try to seek black in white.

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